Brighton Looking For Favours In Unlikely Places.

14 Apr


Looking at the last four games of the season the importance of the West Ham game is clear. We have to win to keep any sort of Play-off hope alive. Minus the Tuesday night blip against Reading I would still back us to beat any team at home, Birmingham and Watford being no different. And with Barnsley looking as if they will be safe by the time we make the trip to Yorkshire the importance for a win this Saturday is even more crucial.

It would seem that Cardiff are the only team we will realistically catch now. I cannot see Ian Holloway allowing his Blackpool side to drop enough points between now and the rest of the season for us to catch them. Cardiff on the other hand have an interesting run in which sees them play both Leeds and Palace in the last two games. I would now like to take this moment, on behalf of all Brighton fans, to remind Leeds and those Red and Blue people from South Norwood how much we appreciate them.

I mean we even let Palace beat us at the Amex this year, as well as letting The Mighty Leeds United (Champions of Europe I’ll have you know) scrounge a draw. This in mind, I am hoping that both Palace and Leeds can do us a favour in the run in and… and… and win. There you are I said it. I want Crystal Palace Football Club and Leeds United Association Football Club to win. God football is a funny game!

There is one thing that can be guaranteed, Saturday will definitely end one teams dreams for the season. Victory for Brighton would see West Ham fall away from automatic promotion indefinitely, whilst victory for The Irons would see Brighton’s Play-off dreams dashed. Whilst a draw – useless for both sides at this stage in the season.

Who knows, if Brighton were to win on Saturday and the unthinkable was to happen with Palace and Leeds doing us favours it would appear that a trip back to Upton Park would be on the cards. This time in the Play-Offs, what an occasion that would be! Like I said before, football is a funny game and I can only write these blogs on my thoughts. At the moment my thoughts are on the Play-offs, as much as every BHAFC fan probably doesn’t want to admit it, I think we would all be a little bit gutted if we didn’t make it.

I can see the argument that we don’t have the easiest run in but, if we win on Saturday, I am willing to say we will do it. With good memories of Upton Park (mainly that Butters header in 2004) I will be travelling up to London on Saturday with the same confidence I had on my way to Burnley (how well that worked out!) After writing such a ridiculously up beat and optimistic blog, I will also be travelling to the GP in the morning. Something must be wrong!

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