Season Ticket Scandals: Top 10 Costliest Season Tickets

14 Apr

You only have to look at the money Chelsea splashed out on Fernando Torres to realise that football clubs are drastically unaware of the value of money.

Football clubs’ disconnect from reality unsurprisingly leaves football fans up and down the country as the biggest victims. Despite a struggling economy season ticket prices continue to rise every year, further taking the game away from the man in the street in favour of the prawn sandwich brigade.

So which clubs are the biggest offenders when it comes to over inflated season ticket prices? Here’s the top 10 in the Season ticket shame stakes:

 Arsenal – Unsurprisingly the priceyist of Premiership seats is found in the capital. Arsenal relocated to the Emirates in a bid to increase match day revenue to a level that could see the club continue to challenge on all fronts, and at an average of £1,470 a season ticket the desire to increase income has certainly been achieved. Whats sure to vex Gunners supporters is how little of this new revenue has materialised into new signings.

  Tottenham– Spurs never like to be far behind their North London rivals and their just one place below Arsenal when it comes to the cost of a season ticket. At a wallet busting average price of £1,245 for the right to take a seat for every home game at White Hart Lane, the club more than deserve their lofty position in this guide to England’s greediest clubs.

Chelsea– Continuing the capital theme the men of the King’s road are amongst those demanding a King’s ransom for the pleasure of watching 22 men kick a ball about. Despite their owner being a multi-billionaire seemingly happy to bankroll the blues spending, it would appear his generosity does not extend to the clubs supporters at an average season ticket price of £1,000.

 QPR – Not even a drop in prices after the arrival of Tony Fernandes could stop the Premiership newcomers taking their place in this guide to greed. To take a seat at Loftus road for 19 precious Premiership games will set you back on average £774.

 Liverpool – We finally leave behind London, for the time being at least, and take a trip to Anfield. This juggernaut of English football charge £757.50 a season for those lucky enough to be treated to a year of Downing, Henderson, Adams and co. While the football may not be up to standard this season, the famous Anfield atmosphere is almost worth the cost alone.

Manchester United – United may be lying first in the league table but they lag behind their North West rivals when it comes to average season ticket costs at £741. As the largest club ground in the country the Glazer family can still count on a match day revenue that every other club can only dream of.

Leeds – Incredibly we actually leave England’s top division behind all together when it comes to the 7th place side in this list. The Yorkshire side may still be one of the great names in English football but its becoming an increasingly long time since the club were even in the country’s top division never mind challenging for honours. Unsurprisingly Ken Bates is more than willing to take advantage of the sides loyal fan base with a staggering season ticket cost of £681 to watch second flight football.

Fulham – It will come as no great surprise that a club sharing an owner with an over priced London department store would feature in this list. £659 as an average season ticket price earns the Harrod owner’s club a place in this financial league table that is not dissimilar from the sides league position.

West Ham – We once again drop down a division to visit Upton Park at £638 on average for a years pass to the academy of football. The much maligned of late “West Ham way” may have justified such a price once upon a time but with success a distant memory and Big Sam at the helm it certainly doesn’t any more.

Ipswich – Yes, that’s right Ipswich round up this list. Undoubtedly the biggest surprise of this countdown is that the Tractor Boys, who currently languish in the bottom half of the Championship, charge an average 0f £619 a season ticket.

So Newcastle, Everton, Sunderland and Aston Villa next time your about to have a moan at the cost of next seasons renewal price just remember there’s always somebody worse off than you…

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