Vaz Te Unrest?

13 Jul

After scoring twelve goals for the Hammers, after signing from Barnsley, Ricardo Vaz Te was an integral part of our promotion push.

Unfortunately, if the rumour-mill is to be believed, Vaz Te isn`t a happy Hammer.

The tabloid press is reporting that Vaz Te is disappointed that West Ham have not met his salary request, a request that the tabloid press insinuate that the striker wants £35,000 a week as oppose to his current £20,000 a week.

There`s also the suggestion that Vaz Te isn`t overly impressed with the signings Big Sam has made fearing that West Ham will not achieve h top-ten status he desires as a player.

What is they would have said if he were still wearing a Barnsley shirt – trouble at t`mill!


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One response to “Vaz Te Unrest?

  1. 1buell

    July 13, 2012 at 14:24

    There were rumblings about this at the end of last season… he has signed a contract at a particular wage level, it didnt say we will pay u more if we go up etc!! one season does not make u a star, if he does it again this year and proves himself then maybe talks might be on the agendar … i wondr if this is just the press creating more problems for west ham as they seem to like to do , or if it is indeed genuine unrest.. im inclined to think the papers have fuck all else to do.. ..coyi.


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